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Speedroc Breakdancing Crew
Speedroc is a breakdancing crew from Ottawa, Canada.  I was a member of Speedroc from 2000 to 2003 and have been breakdancing since 1998. At the tender age of 28 i quit competitive breakdancing but remain a proponent of the bboy/bgirl (bpeople?) scene. To me, breakdancing represents the rawest, and most evolutionary, combination of style, grace, dedication, and power. Breakdancing is the be all and end all of athleticism. There is no humanly-possible move that can contend with the likes of the Air Flare.

Ottawa's breakdancing scene has evolved greatly since i left the scene ~2004. Even some Ottawa kids are busting ridiculous combos these days that defy gravity. I have much respect to all my former crew members: Lost Child, Kamikazi and D-Structure and Stepz -- you are all very gifted in your own ways. Lost Child: ridiculous power. Keep it up bro and i swear you will be famous one day. Kamikazi: amazing drunken master style, and successful businessman to boot. D-Structure: Raw expression of power, style and determination, with several shakes of Quebec pride. And of course Stepz: you've been there with me since the beginning and are a core part of my history.

Speedroc marked their territory from 2001 to 2004 in Ottawa. Although maybe never out-doing the monumental efforts of the Canadian Floor Masters, Speedroc was the culmination of several different trains of thought, cultures and ethnicities. We each had our own form of expression, but we all had the same goal. Different routes to the same destination. Together, we bonded through a combination of skill, timing and location. Together, Speedroc was formed for a breif moment in history.

Highlights of my bboy career include leaning to break in the halls of Hillcrest High, performing in battles from Kingston to New York, CD release parties for the Nine Planets Hiphop and representing for Bombazee, busking in the streets of downtown Ottawa, and local urban festivals. Not-so-fond memories include back injuries, repetitive-stress injuries, and dislocating my shoulder during a cold windmill.

I want to take a sec to send shouts out to a few random people: Stephen Leafloor, aka Buddha, who continues to represenet the bboy scene like no other 80's bboy. Lil*Bear, who remains IMHO one of Canada's best bgirls and good-hearted spirits with good things to come. Universal Will... whose nickname somehow led me to being more worldly. Ben Jammin, who instilled a sense a creativity in me. And of course Lids, my Haitian brother. Watching you develop from beginner to a master has been incredible.

But without getting too sentimental...

Below is a website i designed based on an open-source PHP template to help promote Speedroc as a crew. It had an army theme that i thought represented the crew spirit well... at least at the time of rehearsing the 2004 Ubran Festival skit. The site hasn't been updated in a while but remains something of a time capsule for me.

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