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KiDQUiCK's Open Source Gems

KiDQUiCK's Gems is an archive of quick tips to maximize the capabilities of your PC.

There is a ton of software available to you on the internet. At some point you may have browsed a software archive like Snapfiles or but probably not. I've spent a long time playing with all kinds of open source software for a wide range of PC-based tasks and have come up with a list of top picks in each category. All the open source 'gems' listed here are lightweight, virus/spyware free and efficient.

Why Open Source software?

There are many benefits to open source software. OS is developed and maintained by a world-wide community of exceptional programmers that generally work for free. They collaborate their efforts via the Internet and therefore mistakes in programming are often noticed by their peers and corrected quickly.

What to do about it

I believe in supporting freelance developers when it's due. In other words if you find their software particularly useful and they have a donations box. Paypal is usually the preferred method of payment.

The bottom line

KiDQUiCK's Gems is all about FREE software that helps your PC-based task done quickly.