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Ottawa Athletic Club
This website was an entrepreneurial campaign to enhance the OAC's website. It was developed in 2004 and for next two years it helped the OAC disseminate and collect information from their customers. It was a quick and efficient way for them to promote their upcoming events and increased their online presence by reciprocal linking to other fitness-related websites. A secure form was created to allow online payments and registrations for OAC day camps.

A high-energy Flash introduction was designed in order to showcase the OAC's facilities and active lifestyle. A lightweight Javascript/CSS menu was custom developed and works on browsers as far back as IE/Moz 4. Code written in PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML and SQL. A 128-bit SSL certificate was used to encrypt sensitive data during credit card transactions. With the help of resident tech expert Eric Teusch we made a few careful mods to the IIS 4.0 servers and enabled the PHP service. The site was designed using modular code segments that facilitate maintenance and code reuse. It also had limited backend facilities and thus they relied on KiDQUiCK Inc. for regular updates.

When reality bit around '06 i decided to make an executive decision to change my life and free myself from the burden of always being at my clients' beck and call. Before resigning from my duties as the OAC web master, i wrote them a brief how-to for updating the site and uploaded all the design resources (images, PSDs) via FTP for easy transfer to the new web master. In retrospect, the professional thing to do would be provide them with a short list of web developers that were competent enough to take over. In 2006 they switched to another website development firm.

This project was a temporary success and early milestone of my web development career. Sadly, the site's dusty remains now lay on the digital shelves of my 200gig Maxtor... zipped away for an eternity.... or at least until i'm on my deathbed and reminiscing over a lifetime of digital creations on my Playstation 46's virtual reality helmet.

Click the image below to see the Flash intro and the main page as a demo. I took extra care to put Meta tags in this demo to block search engine spiders from indexing this old site so it doesn't interfere with their current site.

Website Development for OAC by KiDQUiCK