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The JHKCBA (Junior Hong Kong-Canada Business Association) website includes a live in-stream RSS feed based on MagpieRSS, a correspondence manager based on PHPList, and a custom hit counter which counts and displays the number of unique IP's per 24hrs. A link to the TD Currency Converter is there in case you want to check how many Yen you have. :) An image gallery was setup but there was no backend for administration... except for the CSS-styled and documented code which lets even novice computer users cut-and-paste blocks of code to add or remove images to/from the gallery. The icing was the event registration and contact forms (with client-side and server-side error checking) written in PHP/JS/CSS/SQL and upon submit they sent a nicely formatted email off to the admin. The ground-up approach helped make the code small and efficient and also helped me maximize each page's keyword densities by meticulously controlling the ALT tags and tag clouds and such. Google AdSense and Google SiteSearch are also built in.

This creation was eventually intended to have a discussion forum based on PHPBB2, an 128-bit SSL certificate (to take online signups and event registrations), and a calendar of events with a basic admin backend. A small online promotion campaign was also envisioned... *tear*  As this was a pro-bono gig and a fairly solitary effort we abandoned this project when i couldn't afford the time to work on it when times got tough. No regrets -- it was a very educational experience for me.

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