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Hard Drive Tools
DriveImage XML - hard drive backup
DriveImage is an open-source, XML-based backup solution that is educational, efficient and works great. This program clearly beats Acronis TrueImage and Norton Ghost in the Windows backup market. DriveImage stores files in an XML file and thus no longer are your files encrypted in some giant backup file in some obscure format! DriveImage archives your files in XML format and provides several recovery options for files or entire partitions. Use in conjunction with BartPE to restore a partition from scratch. I can vouch for the credibility of both softwares and have used them to successfully restore a partition. DriveImage XML is the IT boot-strapper's backup solution!
Partition Logic - hard drive partitioning
This hard disk partitioning utility will help you create, modify, format, resize and move your PC's hard disk partitions. It is completely free and has features that compete with PartitionMagic's DriveImage solution! Partition Logic must be burned to a CD (or floppy) then you must reboot your PC from the CD. This effectively limits Partition Logic only to admins, but on the up-side you can use PL on any PC-compatible system, regardless of operating system.
JkDefrag - hard drive defragment
Face it: the default Windows defragmenter is sh!t. JkDefrag is small, efficient, unobtrusive and effective. Truly a fantastic freeware application. Follow the ReadMe included in the download to set JkDefrag to run whenever your screen saver is activated after completion it will run your default screen saver. Beautiful! JkDefrag is a fantastic solution and the only defrag tool i recommend for Windows.