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Audio/MP3 Tools
iTunes - MP3 management
I've had an outstanding love/hate relationship with iTunes over the years! iTunes is for users with medium to large music collections. The Windows port of Apple's iTunes finally matured in early 2008. iTunes will handle your large database of music better than any other and will also do a great job as your Audio CD ripper. My recommendation is this: take the time to explore the features of iTunes and it will become your best friend.
AC3Filter - audio CODEC's
AC3Filter will decode most of the audio streams found in todays downloadable audio and video. Install this along with my recommended video equivalent, Cole2K Video CODEC, and stop worrying about media that won't play!
Audacity - audio editor
Edit your audio with this open-source, single-track editor. Perform all sorts of audio manipulations from basic to advanced. A great tool for all levels of audiophiles curious about exploring the fundamentals of music a little more deeply...