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Web Developer Tools
Firebug for Firefox
Firebug is a Firefox plug-in that helps web developers debug their web site. Install the Firebug extension and use the F12 key to enable/disable a powerful HTML/Javascript/CSS debugging machine!
SmartFTP - file transfer
SmartFTP is truly one of the most intuitive FTP clients on the free market. It's very stable and has all kinds of features that would make the average FTP geek drool. Free for non-commercial users only. To novice developers: take advantage of the powerful bookmark features!

An honourable mention goes to the Filezilla. It was my favourite FTP client for years, but a lingering NFS mount problems (very slow performance) has forced me to find another solution. This is a known bug and when it gets solved it will once again be my #1.

mIRC - internet relay chat
There's an IRC channel for just about any topic you can imagine. mIRC is highly configurable and is the defacto standard in the Windows IRC client domain. There's a steep learning curve to this program, but by giving a little effort (ie: registering a nick) you can open up a huge information resource and chat in real-time with other global minds. Enthusiasts unite!