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Image & Photo Tools
Picasa - photo album management
In 2004, Google acquired Picasa and together they created the BEST free photo album software available. Leave it to Google to knock another one out of the park! Picasa is an intuitive digital photo album and also helps you with common photo adjustments like (red-eye reduction, brightness, contrast, ...) and manage your digital camera.
IrfanView - quick image viewer
IrfanView is one of the most popular and quick independent image viewers worldwide. Use this if somehow Picasa is not your style.
ColorPic - screen capture
ColorPic will help you take simple screen shots and colour samples from your screen. If somehow the Ctrl-PrintScreen or Alt-PrintScreen shortcuts are not sufficient for your needs then ColorPic is your solution.
Autostitch - panoramic photos
Autostitch will automatically stitch together a series of images to form a panorama. It has always worked great for me for those occasional times when i needed to make a panorama. Just take photos that are reasonably overlapped and leave the rest to Autostitch. Designed by students at the University of British Columbia.
GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP)
The GIMP is the best photo editor on the free market. I believe it has more intuitive keyboard shortcuts than Photoshop and helps you learn the fundamentals of digital imagery better than any product in the marketplace. The GIMP will push you to designing your effect based on first principles... and will teach you a solid lesson along the way. I recommend it for the digital artist with the time and desire to learn more about digital photos. The GIMP is certainly not intended for people on tight budget deadlines. Other than that fairly steep learning curve, using the GIMP will actually teach you many valuable graphic design techniques.