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Anti-Virus Tools
Grisoft AVG - free anti-virus & anti-spyware
Use Grisoft AVG 8.0 as your day-to-day anti-virus and anti-spyware. There is much confusion over if this product is free or not -- IT IS FREE. Grisoft just does a damn good job of convincing you that it's not! Read carefully when navigating the nag screens and your free service will continue indefinitely.
Comodo Personal Firewall
CPF will help keep viruses out in the first place. CPF is a very comprehensive, but mildly obtrusive firewall. Better safe than sorry though! Install this if you are a computer user interested in protecting your online privacy. On default settings, it will question all in-going and out-going Internet requests, but it will learn from your every decision. With a bit of dedication, it will teach you things about software and the Internet and protect your privacy. KQ recommended.
Grisoft Anti-Rootkit - free edition
In extreme circumstances, Winblows can get hit with a rootkit virus. These super-viruses cannot even be detected through Windows task managers! The vast majority of users will generally never experience the havoc of a rootkit. Rootkits are Trojan viruses that can seize control of the operating system itself. They are specifically programmed to obscure and avoid detection from current anti-rootkit developers. Rootkis are, in essence, la creme de la creme of hackers. The victims usually start with rookie or wannabe hackers, but can occasionally spread to simply un-aware people. Rootkits run independently of Windows, and in the worst case, can transform your computer into a spam-sending zombie.