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SimpLite: Free Instant Messenger (IM) Encryption
SimpLite is a useful piece of software which encrypts conversations between SimpLite users. Very handy for those working in a business environment where private information needs to be discussed over IM.  SimpLite is free for personal use and is available for messaging clients such as MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, ICQ, AIM, Jabber, Google.
ScreenGrab - Firefox Full Screen Capture Plugin
ScreenGrab is a brilliant little plugin for Firefox which allows you to take screenshots of a full web page. There's no need to take multiple screenshots then patch them together. This handy tool automatically does it for you.  Memory can become an issue if trying to save huge pages but that doesn't take away from the usefulness of ScreenGrab by any means.
SEO: Essential Email Newsletters for Webmasters

The following list of websites and newsletters deal with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), general Website marketing issues as well as technical issues relating to Website design and development.  They definitely do a good job of keeping you up to date with what's going on out there in that crazy thing called the Internet. 

SmartFTP: Free FTP Client Software
SmartFTP is a very handy FTP tool allowing FTP access from a Windows client. It has an intuitive User Interface and simply allows you to drag and drop files as if they were on your own machine!

You can also open a local browser pane so that you don't have to switch windows to drag files from your filesystem to an FTP location. Another very handy feature is its ability to remember FTP locations along with login details. Enjoy!
Web Analytics Background and Information
This article on web analytics and how they can be used to inform you of your site's perfomance is a very relevant for users wanting to get the most out of the Google Analytics account.
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