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Free Online File Storage!
Both of these sites are free and anonymous online file sharing sites. The only catch is downloaders will have to jump through a few hoops in order to download the file. -- for files up to 100 MB -- files up to 500 MB

INSTDRV.EXE error on boot-up on IBM Thinkpad
I recently decided to clean up my IBM Thinkpad T42 by removing any unnecessary programs. IBM tools were among the first to go. However, after revmoing a bunch of programs that i thought were useless, i began getting an error message every time it booted up which explained that C:\IBMTOOLS\UTILS\INSTDRVW.EXE was missing. This was an annoying error but otherwise didn't cause any malfunction. After a lengthy investigation scanning files, programs, and the registry, this is what i discovered: The culprit is an IBM service called "IBM Rapid Restore Ultra". Disable it and the error message will stop. I posted this mini-article because there was no useful information regarding IBM's INSTDRVW.exe anywhere on the web... except one thread that was in Chinese and useless to me. I hope you find this helpful. Send some good karma if you do. Cheers!
What is Really Simple Syndication (RSS)?
RSS is technology - a simple software program - that allows you to access web and blog content automatically. The acronym's most popular translation is "Really Simple Syndication". Once your browser or computer has an RSS reader on board, you can subscribe to any number of RSS "feeds." A feed is simply a way in which a reader may subscribe to website content - most commonly blogs or news sites. A news site, for example, may list their latest headlines or entire articles in their feed every time a new article is published. A blog would publish this feed as a series of recent posts.
SEO Focused Web Development

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is rarely the first thing that business owners focus on when contemplating bringing their business online. This is why developers and website designers have a duty to code with SEO in mind from the outset as well as the duty of educating clients about the processes involved in getting search engine traffic.

This article outlines some of the fundamental concepts involved with successful SEO...

CSS Layouts Without Tables - Tableless Design
Check out the recently published article: CSS Layouts Without Tables on the HTML Goodies website.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are the most flexible way to create attractive, standards-compliant websites. This article addresses the drawbacks of relying too heavily on tables for layout as well as the benefits of using CSS.

There are also two page layout examples with their full source code given in the article. Enjoy!
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