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Ottawa Athletic Club
This website was an entrepreneurial campaign to enhance the OAC's website. It was developed in 2004 and for next two years it helped the OAC disseminate and collect information from their customers. It was a quick and efficient way for them to promote their upcoming events and increased their online presence by recip...
Joomla Content Item SQL Builder
Format your Raw Text into SQL statements that can be imported into PhpMyAdmin Mass-convert your raw text documents directly into Joomla by converting them into Joomla-ready SQL that is ready to be imported directly into your 'jos_content' table. Perfect for dumping in a large amount of text from a DOC or TXT document or something into your Joomla database. This tool is free to use all you want. Convert Raw Text to Joomla SQL Content Items.
Greek On Wheels
This website was developed for Greek On Wheels, an Ottawa-based Greek food delivery service, in October 2005.  Entire website and graphics were done in-house using Dreamweaver and Photoshop, including integration of the Google Maps feature.  The result was an intuitive and functional website which has helped Greek On Wheels get over 7000 unique hits per month!
The JHKCBA website includes a live in-stream RSS feed based on MagpieRSS, a correspondence manager based on PHPList, and a custom hit counter which counts and displays the number of unique IP's per 24hrs. A link to the TD Currency Converter is there in ca...
Wood Preservation Canada
Wood Preservation Canada is a national association representing the manufacturers of treated wood products and wood preservative producers in Canada and the United States. They needed a website with a professional image that would help them to efficiently broadcast their cause. Requirements include the ability to manage their own articles and content, and a password-protected Members Only section where they could post special information for paying customers.

Wood Preservation Canada

French Accent Characters to HTML Entities converter
This little tool will convert all French and special characters (listed below, aka Unicode) to HTML-safe entities that will render properly in a browser. Also tips for typing French accents and a Unicode to HTML Entity conversion table. Convert your French Characters into HTML Entities!.
Speedroc Breakdancing Crew
Speedroc is a breakdancing crew from Ottawa, Canada.  I was a member of Speedroc from 2000 to 2003 and have been breakdancing since 1998. At the tender age of 28 i quit competitive breakdancing but remain a proponent of the bboy/bgirl (bpeople?) scene. To me, breakdancing represents the rawest, and most evolutionary, combination of style, grace, dedication, and power. Breakdancing is the be all and end all of athleticism. There is no humanly-possible move that can contend with the likes of the Air Flare.
eBay: Paintings & Artwork
This is a template developed for a client for selling prints and artwork on eBay. The goal was to break the mold of a typical boring ebay ad with eye-catching graphics and advanced features. The end result looks more like a professional website than an ebay ad.
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