ZING for Life Prize Packs

10 lucky winners will win a ZING for life prize pack with 6 skins featuring One Direction, So So Happy, Prettly Little Liars, Taylor Swift,  Maroon 5 and Axe Copas as well as a and a corresponding clear case for either an IPHONE 5, IPHONE 4, Samsung Galaxy S3, or Galaxy S4. The giveaway is part of a "Back to School" promotion from GiveawayNow and Zing Revolution. The winners will be announced between August 11th- 30th.
This giveaway is now closed. Winners have been notified.
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The next big thing in consumer electronic accessories is Zingrevolution.com's Zing for Life Zing Skin  plan.
-Zing Revolution has something for everyone for this back to school season with thousands of pop culture images including the largest collection in the world of One Direction images, to So So Happy, Big Bang Theory,  Game of Thrones to a huge collection of educational Smithsonian images - and more.  Kids will love images from Despicable Me 2 (even parents love the minions) and boys especially love the new Axe Cop animated series images. Parents will love the Live Nation collection of rock images from Maroon 5 and more.
-One  of the company's owner is a mom and she came up with the Zing For Life plan in her kitchen  when she was tired of her teenage son going through expensive hard cases that kept cracking for his new Iphone 5. When she gave him the clear case, he started collecting the skins,  and changing them out because they come on and off and back on again leaving no sticky residue on the device. Then he got all his friends to Zing for Life and she realized her company was on to something huge.
-Zing has images for over 300 devices including smart phones, tablets, laptops and even gaming consoles and controllers.
-If you go to Zing Revolution.com you can even upload your own images.
-The coolest thing is the Zing for life plan includes these premium clear hard rubber cases which go on top of the skins. This makes sure devices are fully protected with collectible personalized style.
-Soon Zing skins will be in all the major stores but right now you can get them on Amazon.com and if you go to zingrevolution.com and type in zingschool at check out you get free shipping!
-With so many schools issuing Ipads to the kids, this is a great way for the kids to personalize and protect them -
-Zing Revolution.com - the next big thing for collectible personalized style and protection.

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