Joomla Content Item Builder (TXT to SQL)

Format your raw text into SQL statements that can be imported into your Joomla database.
Perfect for dumping a large amount of TXT document into the jos_content table.

Mass-convert your raw text documents into Joomla by converting them into Joomla-ready SQL that can be run with your favourite SQL app like Golden or phpMyAdmin. This tool is written in Javascript and is free to use and modify all you want.

Javascript is required for this to work. Your input text MUST be formatted to the format defined in the input box below. Enjoy.

Starting Unique ID: Enter the value of the starting Unique ID. This value corresponds to the "ID" column (column #1) in the 'jos_content' table. Set this value to (maxvalue_of_ID_column + 1).
Starting Order: Enter the value of the Ordering column in your 'jos_content' table. This is a unique number, and the value should be (your_current_maxvalue_in_ORDERING_column + 1).
Date Value: Edit the default text to represent the desired "Created Date" for your content items. Format is YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.



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