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Welcome to KiDQUiCK Web Development and Promotion E-mail
We specialize in website design based on open-source content management systems. We can help you bring your business online and achieve your online goals with a web solution tailored to your specific needs. We also provide documentation and training to help you make the most of your online investment.

Our Joomla-based websites can be created with many powerful features like RSS feeds, secure checkout, databases, feedback and polling, comprehensive site stats, correspondence managers and search engine optimization. We take pride in our custom designs and work hard to ensure that every website adheres to W3C standards.

We can also help you with your graphic development and identity branding needs.

All KiDQUiCK websites sit proudly on the shoulders of the Open Source Giants like Joomla! which is written in PHP using a MySQL database, hosted by an Apache web server running Linux.

Get an online with a Content Management System E-mail
At we offer more than just a template design... we offer custom design, fully-featured and extensible web site solutions based on popular open-source technologies.  All of our CMS solutions come with an administrative backend which lets even the novice computer user manage their website.

Our CMS of choice, Joomla, has a large user following. So no matter what you might want to do with your website, chances are it has been done before and you can find a free or in-expensive plugin that will help meet your needs. As is the nature of open-source software, tweaks are usually required to get your plugins working and looking as desired. This is where comes in and helps you customize your website to your specific needs.

We also provide our clients with a 30-page step-by-step guide complete with screen shots that help you understand exactly what you can do with your Joomla CMS, and how to do it! Our solutions are ideal for ambitious entrepreneurs and established businesses looking for an online web presence.  Get a KiDQUiCK website today and gain that competitive online edge!  Complete website packages starting at $3000.


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